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Enjoy the wholesome taste of fresh-ground whole grains from Homestead Gristmill. Our historic timber-frame mill was originally built circa 1760 in the Long Valley of western New Jersey. Water-powered mills such as this one once dotted the American countryside. In use for almost one hundred and sixty years until it closed in 1918, Homestead Heritage found the mill in 2000, neglected and in disrepair, and brought it to Texas, where it has found a new home and renewed life as a working building at Homestead Heritage.

Welcome to Homestead Gristmill

The first-known written record of our gristmill originally located along the Hollow Brook or ‘Mill’ Creek in Hunterdon County, New Jersey, is when a German immigrant named Asher Mott decided in 1768 to sell his share of the family property to his older brothers, John and Gershom. The property stayed in the family until 1800 when Robert Emley purchased the mill and 30 acres for $213.30.

In 1814, John Teeter acquired the mill and property. By then, the mill was the business and social center of a village that included six residences and a sawmill located downstream. This hamlet was referred to as Teetertown. Six years later, the mill was extensively remodeled and turned over to Mr. Teeter’s son-in-law Samuel Dorland. The Dorland family operated and maintained the mill until 1881.

In 1908, following several ownerships, Philip Sliker purchased the mill, constructed a new miller’s residence and began to process flour under the brand name of “Teetertown Buckwheat Flour.” But in 1918, after ten years of operation, Mr. Sliker retired and closed the mill.

After it last ground grain in 1918, the Teeter mill went through a series of owners, most of whom were looking for a quaint country getaway from the bustle of New York City. Left neglected for decades, by the turn of the twenty-first century the aged mill was in need of either demolition or restoration.

In 2001, the craftsmen of Homestead Heritage carefully documented and dismantled the Teeter mill and restored it in its new location in central Texas. Given a new life as Homestead Gristmill, the mill is now open to the public year round, grinding fresh whole wheat flour and corn meal, much as it did over 230 years ago.

In addition to three types of wheat and corn, we also grind oats, rye, spelt, rice, buckwheat and soybeans. We use the single-step process of grinding with natural granite stones which preserves the nutritional value of the grain.

We mix our flour into a variety of baking and cookie mixes as well as hot cereals. All the grains we use are grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers. You may view our complete product list on our website or call for more information.