Heidi’s Six-Grain Cereal

This cereal is similar to muesli and can be eaten either cold or hot. The following are directions for 1 serving.

About 10 minutes for hot cereal, and 3 hours for cold cereal

1 serving

Heidi's Cereal Mix


For cold cereal:

  • 1 cup cereal
  • 1 1/2 cups milk

For hot cereal:

  • 1 cup cereal
  • 2 cups water


For cold cereal:

  • In a small bowl mix the cereal and milk.
  • Let stand overnight in the refrigerator (or at least 3 hours.)
  • Ready to eat!

For hot cereal:

  • In a saucepan mix the cereal and water.
  • Simmer until thickened, about 10 minutes.

Menu Suggestions

We like to add about 1/4 teaspoon of vanilla and a little honey.