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"Homestead Craft Village: Homemade Organic Foods and Crafts"

Published in the Fort Hood Sentinel

My favorite site we visited was the Homestead Gristmill. Inside was a newly restored 1760s gristmill. As soon as we walked inside, an employee gave us a brief history lesson on the gristmill and demonstrated how it worked. He then handed us freshly pressed flour. Inside, visitors can buy freshly pressed flour or un-pressed flour. Outside the Homestead Gristmill was a watermill and fountain.

– Jasmine Castrellon

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Comfort in the bowl: Gene’s red beans and Homestead Heritage cornbread

Published in Relish Austin

I recently fell for Homestead Gristmill’s stone-ground cornbread mix, from the Waco-based Homestead Heritage company. I’ve had too many cornbread failures to count, mostly for trying to make it with all cornmeal and no flour or coarsely ground cornmeal that tastes like grit from the driveway.

Homestead’s mix produced the softest, lightest cornbread I’ve ever tasted, though in retrospect, I should have added a tablespoon of sugar to suit my Yankee taste buds.

– Addie Broyles

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"American Grain Mills"

Published in Food and Wine

Among the 13 grains milled here are Central Texas red wheat, barley, kamut, and spelt, plus organic blue, white, and Hickory King heritage corn, a heritage variety with huge yellow kernels that make great grits. They're all stone-ground in a 1760s water-powered gristmill moved from New Jersey and lovingly restored by the craftsmen of Homestead Heritage, a Christian agrarian community near Waco.

– Betsy Andrews

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